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IWECI Summit Delegates

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Lene Kielsen Holm

Research Scientist and Project Leader

Greenland Climate Research Centre (Inuk/Greenland)


Lene Kielsen Holm works for the Greenland Climate Research Centre, Climate and Society group, as a Research Scientist and Project Leader.

Ms. Holm has been involved in several international projects in relation to indigenous perspectives and observations of environmental and climate change. With the Sila-Inuk project, hunters, fishermen sheep-farmers and others were interviewed about their perception on a changing environment, with special focus on climate change.  She has been a partner in SIKU: Knowing Our Ice’, an International Polar Year (IPY) project, documenting Inuit sea-ice knowledge and use, and in ‘Polar Bears in Northwest Greenland', an interview survey about catch and climate. She was the Greenlandic coordinator for Siku-Inuit-Hila, an international, interdisciplinary project where hunters from Alaska, Canada and Qaanaaq, together with researchers in multiple fields were brought together in different regions of the Inuit territories to exchange knowledge on sea-ice and the life within it. A book based on this project was published in August 2013.


Ms. Holm on the timeliness of the Summit: 

“If the sea ice all melts away, our huge knowledge about it will disappear with it, our culture will be so much at stake, and the whole world will suffer with us.”