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The Women's Earth & Climate Action Network is a solutions-based, multi-faceted effort established to engage women worldwide to take action as powerful stakeholders in climate change and sustainability solutions. For Our Earth and Future Generations A project of Women's Earth and Climate Caucus and its partner eraGlobal Alliance

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Sally Jewell Coxe


Bonobo Conservation Initiative (USA)


Sally Jewell Coxe is president and co-founder of the Bonobo Conservation Initiative (BCI). BCI’s mission is to protect bonobos, preserve the Congo rainforest, and empower Congolese communities. Distinguished by their peaceful, matriarchal society, loving nature and profound intelligence, bonobos are humankind’s most closely related great ape relatives, along with chimpanzees. BCI’s guiding vision is the Bonobo Peace Forest, an integrated network of community-managed reserves, supported by sustainable development.  In partnership with local communities and the Democratic Republic of Congo government, BCI has established two official protected areas to date—spanning more than 13,000 square miles of vital rainforest habitat—plus additional sites where local communities are protecting bonobos. BCI’s innovative work is featured in many publications, including a new book by award-winning author Deni Béchard entitled Empty Hands, Open Arms: The Race to Protect Bonobos and Make Conservation Go Viral.