Women's Earth & Climate Action Network, International
The Women's Earth & Climate Action Network is a solutions-based, multi-faceted effort established to engage women worldwide to take action as powerful stakeholders in climate change and sustainability solutions. For Our Earth and Future Generations A project of Women's Earth and Climate Caucus and its partner eraGlobal Alliance

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Laurie Williams, Esq.

Attorney and Volunteer

Citizens Climate Lobby (USA)


Laurie Williams, along with her husband, Allan Zabel have been speaking out on climate change solutions since 2008, as a parent, resident of Oakland, CA, and volunteer for Citizens Climate Lobby.  While Allan and Laurie’s views have been shaped by their experience as attorneys at the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency for over 25 years each, Laurie will be speaking in her personal capacity only and nothing she says will reflect the views of US EPA or the Obama Administration.  Laurie and Allan’s work with Citizens Climate Lobby has focused on formulating principles for model climate legislation.  They have also worked extensively to explain the reasons they believe cap-and-trade with offsets is a fundamentally flawed approach to regulating greenhouse gas emissions.  Instead, they advocate carbon fees with monthly-per-person rebates as an effective and efficient mechanism for correcting the economic incentives that keep us burning fossil fuels.  See their climate solutions video here and their Washington Post Op-ed here.