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Svitlana Slesarenok


Black Sea Women’s Club/ MAMA-86-Odessa (Ukraine)

Svitlana's Online Solutions Forum Post(s):


Due to the environmental emergency situations in the Odessa area of the Ukraine, in 1996, Svitlana Slesarenok, became the local leader of the protest against pollution in her community.  Ms Slesarenok organized actions locally, nationally and internationally to bring attention to local environmental issues in the Ukraine.

As a result of her work, 120 environmental NGOs from 33 countries expressed their support for the campaign in her local community.  Her local women’s group insisted on closing the primary polluter – a local factory, which, as a result of their actions, was closed in 2000.  Following the victory of closing the factory, the local women went further and next insisted on cleaning up the pollution aleady in the community and developing adaptation solutions on climate change-related pollutants. In December, 2002 Svitlana Slesarenok was awarded  “The Gold Pearl Award” and was recognized as “Odessa’s Woman of The Year” in recognition of her position as a “Leader of A Public Movement.”

Slesarenok and her NGO, The Black Sea Women’s Club, continue to work on the sustainable development of Black Sea costal communities, organizing capacity building to help communities to meet and overcome thechallenges of climate change, the protection of women’s rights, and integrating gender and climate justice into climate change policy at the local, national and international levels.  They also work on on a day to day basis to organize the implementation of practical activities for climate adaptation in their local communities.

The Black Sea Women’s Club participates in both the Mama 86 Network (following the Chernobyl Disaster) and is a partner organization of Women in Europe for A Common Future (WECF).