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Lucy Mulenkei


Indigenous Information Network (Maasai/Kenya)


Lucy Mulenkei is a Maasai from Kenya who began as a broadcast journalist in the government-run radio for 17 years on issues of the environment and development. Ms. Mulenkei left the Radio station in 1999 to start the Indigenous Information Network (IIN), an NGO based in Kenya. The Network works with Indigenous and local communities in Kenya, networking on different aspects of environment, sustainable development, human rights, women’s rights and other development projects and activities at the local, national and international levels. For the past several years, Lucy has been working both as a Chair and coordinator of the African Indigenous Women Organization in the East African Region. She coordinated the capacity building for indigenous rural nomadic pastoralist and hunter-gatherers on environment and sustainable development, with a focus on biodiversity conservation and traditional knowledge. Ms. Mulenkei has worked with more than 100 different grassroots organizations in East Africa, Latin America, Canada and Asia. She also co-founded and co-chairs the Indigenous Women Biodiversity Network. She is an active member of the International Alliance of Indigenous Peoples and Tribes of Tropical Forests, International Forum on Biodiversity organized, and International Forum of Indigenous Women, where she has been coordinating the African Forums and Networks. In addition to coordinating regional work, she has organized capacity building workshops and training for rural indigenous Nomadic and hunter-gatherers in the region to ensure their participation in different environmental activities at all levels.