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Natalia Greene

Consultant for Rights of Nature

Fundación Pachamama (Ecuador)


Natalia Greene, born in Ecuador, is a consultant for Rights of Nature at Fundación Pachamama and is the focal point for Rights of Nature in Ecuador for the Global Alliance for the Rights of Nature. She graduated in Hampshire College, holds a Political Science master’s degree from FLACSO Ecuador and a specialization from UASB on Climate Change.  She promoted the recognition of Rights for Nature in Ecuador’s Constitution and has worked on the environmental and indigenous aspects of the Yasuní-ITT Initiative to keep oil underground in the Amazon. Since February 2011, Natalia Greene holds the Presidency of CEDENMA, the National Coordinating Entity for Environmental NGO’s. She is an Energy Efficiency Professor at UASB. She was been working with CEDENMA, Pachamama and the Collective for the Defense of the Condor Highland to prevent open pit mining in biodiverse areas in Ecuador through the implementation of Rights of Nature Constitutional guarantees. Natalia is part of the WECC Advisory Board.


Ms. Greene on the importance of nature:

“Rights of Nature are our Rights.”

“Let’s treat Nature as a subject we protect and not as a subject we exploit.”

“Let’s support Ecuador to leave oil in the ground and respect biodiversity and indigenous people to lead the way to a post-oil development model.”

“We won’t have peace on Earth if we don’t have peace with the Earth.  Rights of Nature now!”