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IWECI Summit Delegates

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Rev. Marta Benavides

Theologian, Permaculturist, Educator, Artist

Siglo XXIII (El Salvador)

Rev. Marta's Online Solutions Forum Post(s):


Rev. Marta Benavides (born in San Salvador, El Salvador) is a theologian, ordained minister, permaculturist, educator, and artist. She is one of the few surviving activists from the original group of human rights and peace advocates who began their work during the 1970s in a rising climate of repression. In the early 1980s, Benavides was head of the Ecumenical Committee for Humanitarian Aid, a group sponsored by the Archbishop Oscar Romero. After Romero’s assassination in 1980, Benavides continued to work for durable peace. In 1982 she went into exile and worked for the next decade from Mexico and the United States to bring an end through a political solution to the war in her country. In 1991 a year before the UN sponsored peace accords were signed, she returned home and founded the International Institute for Cooperation Amongst Peoples, which promotes the values and practices of a culture of peace. She established community training centers and travels throughout the country conducting workshops on sustainable agriculture, human rights, and the prevention of community and family violence. In 1991, Ms. Benavides founded the XXIII Century Movement for Sustainable Peace. In 2005 Benavides was among the 1.000 women nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize. In 2009, she was awarded the Woman Peacemaker by the Joan B. Kroc Institute for Peace and Justice at the University of San Diego, California. Marta is active in the UN, civil society, and both ecumenical and secular movements on environment, sustainability, social development, Climate Change, Status of Women, Youth, First Nations, Financing for Development, UNESCO, World Social Forums, Culture of Peace, Food Sovereignty, and G20.


Ms. Benavides on the Summit:

“The Earth is our Mother, we must honor our Mother.  Let us keep her at peace by being just to humans and the planet.  We must live now the world and the future that are needed to care for humans and planet.”