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Florina López Miró


Indigenous Women's Biodiversity Network (Kuna, Panama)


Florina started at the community level indigenous movement in 1980. In 1992, she began to participate in a national organization, the Association Napguana, and is now at the Foundation for the Promotion of Indigenous Knowledge and Gender Program Coordinator and Biodiversity.

Florina has been involved in environmental issues since 1998, particularly in the process of the Convention on Biological Diversity and in all working groups and ABS Article 8y (Nagoya Protocol) among others, negotiating incidence, to date.

She is currently the coordinator of the Network of Indigenous Women's Biodiversity, indigenous women space since 1998. In addition, since 2010 she has beein involved in the Framework Convention of the United Nations on Climate Change and in other levels of discussion on the subject.

Florina participates in building and strengthening solutions to environmental issues, and has worked on organizing, developing, and coordinating the RMIB, and works on workshops, and meetings to strengthen women's agenda on environmental issues, both locally, nationally and internationally.