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IWECI Summit Delegates

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Thilmeeza Hussain


Voice of Women (VOW) Maldives (Maldives)


Thilmeeza Hussain is the founder of Voice of Women (VoW) Maldives, the only NGO in the country that addresses women and climate change. She is also a member of Climate Wise Women, a global platform promoting women’s leadership on climate change. 

Thil served as the Deputy Permanent Representative (DPR) of the Republic of the Maldives to United Nations from 2009 until 2012 when the first democratically elected government was toppled. During her term at the UN she had the sustainable development portfolio and led the Maldives on environmental and climate change issues. She was among the voice of a new generation of women in the developing world who see climate change as the fundamental challenge for their future as well as a key platform for leadership.

Prior to serving as the DPR she served as the Minister of State for Home Affairs – North Province and was among the team of young enthusiastic members of the first democratically elected government in the country. She worked extensively with the decentralization process and was also in charge of the establishment North Province Office. One of her prominent task also included managing the administration of the island of Duvaafaru, a previously uninhabited island that was settled by Maldives after the tsunami of 2004.


Ms. Hussain on the International Women's Earth and Climate Summit:

“This summit couldn't have happened at a better time than now, due to the urgent action required to move forward; not only the UNFCCC negotiations happening but as well as to get the civil society involved. This will bring the world environmental advocates together at one platform to move this agenda forward. As we all know the governments do what the voters ask them to do, it is time for the women in this world to take matters in their own hands and build a grassroot movement to make this an election issue in every country. No politician can win an election without the involvement of the 50% of the population.”