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Nadezhda Kutepova


Planet of Hopes (Russia)


Nadezhda was born in Ozersk  of Chelyabinsk region, Russia. In 1990 graduated with honor at the Kyshtym medical college. In 1999 she successfully graduated from the Ural State University in Yekaterinburg where she majored in Sociology and Political Science.

In 2000, she created a public social ecological organization called “Planeta Nadezhd” (The Planet of Hopes) in Ozersk. The mission of the organization is to promote a process of protection environment and ecological education to realize the right of citizens to a healthy environment and to receive authentic ecological information; to restore the rights of the citizens who have suffered from ecological infringements and accidents; to promote construction and democratization of civil society in the closed cities of Russia, including protection or restoration of the rights of the citizens advanced by the fact of their birth or laws acting in the country; to promote occurrence, development and realization of civil initiatives in a closed city which orientation corresponds to organization mission.

Nadezhda was an Adviser of Ombudsman of Chelyabinsk regionin 2010 and in 2011 she received the Nuclear Free Future Award in resistance. She represents applicants (victims of nuclear industry) of the Russian Federation in local, regional, federal court and in the European court of human rights (Strasbourg ), and won her first case in 2011. Nadezhda is the mother of four children.