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Neema Namadamu

Executive Director

Hero Women (Democratic Republic of Congo)

Neema's Online Solutions Forum Post(s):


Neema lives in Eastern Congo. Neema founded an NGO called ACOLDEMHA, to support women with disabilities to integrate into mainstream society. They support a team of fourteen women seamstresses with disabilities who make purses for U.S. based Shakoshi Imports. Neema became only the second girl from her tribe to graduate from University and served in Parliament. From there, she was appointed by the Minister of Gender and Family as Technical Advisor. 

In 2011 Neema formed her own telecommunications company, Go Network, and obtained a nationwide licensing grant with spectrum for voice, internet, and three TV channels. Her goal is to connect rural areas of Congo to reach and join the mostly illiterate women to one another.  In June of 2012 Neema was selected as one of three World Pulse journalists for their annual Live Tour of the U.S., where she spoke before the U.S. Department of State, the Clinton Global Initiative, and was interviewed by CNN. She recently began hosting workshops to engage educated women community leaders in World Pulse’s online forum as a beginning platform to mobilize, enlighten, and engage a leadership group for future gender and PWD rights activities. They are now the “Maman Shujaa of Congo” - giving Voice to the Congo and encouraging and supporting one another with an agenda for Peace and Development in Congo that prioritizes human rights for all, rights for nature, and a Right to a Future for our children.


Ms. Namadamu on the importance of women:

“Women bring the wisdom of life, of togetherness, thoughtfulness and tomorrow, to the conversation.  Mother is not only the beginning, she is the future.”