Women's Earth & Climate Action Network, International
The Women's Earth & Climate Action Network is a solutions-based, multi-faceted effort established to engage women worldwide to take action as powerful stakeholders in climate change and sustainability solutions. For Our Earth and Future Generations A project of Women's Earth and Climate Caucus and its partner eraGlobal Alliance

Network Partners

Parents For The Planet

We are a new group, with three main goals: 1. To create a community that can grieve together about our future and our environment. 2. To find and share the good news, innovations, and points of hope or beauty that aren't dramatic or polemic enough to be part of the major news cycle. 3. To provide a wide variety of possible actions, from the local to the international, from petitions and marches to investment and book clubs,@parents4planet

Global Ecovillage Network

The Global Ecovillage Network (GEN) is a growing network of sustainable communities and initiatives that bridge different cultures, countries, and continents. GEN serves as umbrella organization for ecovillages, transition town initiatives, intentional communities, and ecologically-minded individuals worldwide. People and communities meet and share their ideas, exchange technologies, develop cultural and educational exchanges, directories and newsletters, and are dedicated to restoring the land and living a cooperative sustainable lifestyle. Website: http://ecovillage.org Facebook: www.facebook.com/GlobalEcovillageNetwork Twitter: https://twitter.com/gen_ecovillages LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/groups/8438561 Contact: maya.norton@ecovillage.org (Maya Norton, Director of Communications

Buck Consulting

Helping companies protect and conserve natural resources, achieve zero waste and net zero energy goals, and create end-of-life solutions that enable a circular economy.

Jammin Planet Industries

We are a newly formed benefit corporation committed to people. planet and profits. We specialize in transforming companies to this way of business.

Climate Summer

Climate Summer is a grassroots leadership development program for young adults. We are relaunching the program, and in 2016, we will welcome our 7th cohort. climatesummer.net

Youth Development Foundation

Advocating for Climate Change mitigation and adaptation strategy, involving the community to take necessary collective action that will ensure mitigation and adaptation in the community. Relevant stakeholders. students, community members are involved in this advocacy project. Including Acting Climate Change that therefore ensure effective communication of mitigation and adaptation of climate change

SustyQ (Sustainable Queens)

Sustainable Queens (SustyQ) promotes health and community engagement by integrating artistic creativity, holistic wellness practices, and ecological principles of building healing spaces. SustyQ focuses on the AWEsome Factor: Art, Wellness and Ecology in human-centered design.

Global Greengrants Fund

Global Greengrants Fund promotes social justice and environmental sustainability. Because gender equality is an intrinsic element of environmental and social justice, we aim to more directly integrate it into our grantmaking strategies that address natural resource management, mitigation of environmental degradation, and the creation of adaptive responses to climate change. This means that our advisors in the field who are making grant decisions are supporting organizations that are working to provide equal access to resources and decision making processes. We also recognize that women are disproportionately impacted by climate change, and while grassroots women leaders are waging successful struggles to protect their communities, lands, and human rights, they are often excluded from decision-making processes about climate change responses, impacts and prevention; and policies and institutions that set development priorities and climate change mitigation and adaptation plans. Global Greengrants is therefore prioritizing making grants to organizations that support women in their efforts to mitigate or adapt to climate change. In addition to our own strategies, we want to help increase grassroots funding for women and the environment within the philanthropic community and amplify grassroots women’s voices in shaping donor agendas. Activities: • Engage advisors in regional gender discussions and develop grantmaking strategies for each regional advisory board that include a gender component • Coordinator retreat with specific focus on grantmaking with a gender lens • Create alliances and collaborate on grantmaking strategies with women’s funds via the International Network of Women’s Funds. • Develop a specific section on GGF website for “women’s voices” • Identify ways grantees can provide GGF with information on gender-related issues via grantee reports Goals: • 50% of total annual grants made by Global Greengrants Fund will have a specific focus on the links between gender and the environment. • New funds raised for gender and the environment • Increased advisor knowledge and awareness about relationship between gender and the environment, mostly in terms of disproportionate impact on women • Global Greengrants becomes “go-to” organization within grantmaking community for knowledge on gender and the environment Key successes include the following: 1) Developed a Women and Environment Giving Circle to raise more funds for gender and environment related grants within Global Greengrants Fund. 2) Hosted Summit on Women and Climate in Bali in August 2014 for 100 women and environmental funders and grassroots women in collaboration with the International Network of Women’s Funds. 3) Produced (in conjunction with the International Network of Women’s Funds) Climate Justice and Women’s Rights: A Guide to Directing More Resources to Grassroots Women – a publication for funding at the intersection of gender and climate. 4) Hosted multiple publication launch events in the United States, Mexico, and the United Kingdom about the gendered impacts of climate change. Additional goals: 1) Breaking down silos among grantmakers and cultivating collaborations between environmental and women’s funds to develop more holistic grantmaking strategies addressing climate change. 2) Exploring developing a resource for policymakers involved in climate financing (specifically the Green Climate Fund) that could direct them to funding opportunities they might not otherwise know of (ex. grassroots climate projects headed up by women). 3) Exploring ways in which we can help our grantees develop increased access to those financial or governmental bodies that will be distributing the resources from the Green Climate Fund, and help them understand the revenue streams, and possible opportunities for funding.

Salish Sea Trading Cooperative

Since 2010, our sailor-owned cooperative has been patiently revitalizing low-carbon sail transport to strengthen community resiliency. We peer-share our sailboats in moving vegetables for our CSA, cider, chocolate, marine supplies, and other goods around Puget Sound. We're proud that this is our first year of applying as a USDA food stamp acceptor so we can provide nutritious food to underserved communities. Currently we're recruiting for long-term Board members and seeking grants, http://www.salishseatrading.coop/, and experienced sailors are always welcomed! Thank you and please consider following us on social media. Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Salish-Sea-Cooperative/153761094651245 Twitter: https://twitter.com/salishseacoop

The Science & Environmental Health Network

The Science & Environmental Health Network (http://sehn.org/) is a practical, visionary think tank in service to the environmental and climate justice movements. SEHN works to change public policy by equipping community organizations, institutions and government agencies with the tools to implement precautionary policies that protect their communities, our health, environment and climate. SEHN’s transformative work challenges the central question of environmental policy – from “How much risk is allowable?” to “How can we prevent harm and suffering and foster health, wholeness and beauty?” We encourage the adoption of paradigm-shifting concepts like law for an ecological age, the rights of future generations, the law of the commons, and the ecological basis for health and disease, into policy-making and the public conversation. The work of the Women’s Congress for Future Generations, a project of SEHN, is to lift up a whole register of women’s voices that are missing from the cultural conversation about our future. We are women-led and inclusive and welcoming of all gender identities as contributors and participants in our work. Our Second Women's Congress was held November 2014. Here are links to some of the work that came out of that event, which include “An Owl Economy”, “A Declaration of the Rights Held by All Waters”, and “Heartland and Headwaters: Illuminating Possibilities and Pathways for Growing a Civil Rights Movement for Future Generations”: http://sehn.org/the-2014-womens-congress-documents/

In response to the U.S. oil and gas rush, SEHN has also compiled "Some Legal Principles for Mining, Fracking, and Pipelines: Defending Our Communities and Future Generations": http://sehn.org/sign-on-legal-principles/. SEHN and the Women’s Congress for Future Generations will host a gathering of activists in Minneapolis to introduce the legal principles and organizing tools outlined in a ”Women's Congress Companion for Political Change" (materials forthcoming, August 1st, 2015).

WindAid Institute

We are empowering women, men and children who do not have access to electricity via the wind turbines that are built by the international volunteers. We are electrifying communities and more importantly we are educating them on how to understand the systems, maintain them and eventually build them too. Sustainability is a key player and we are learning from each other to how create awareness about renewable energy and the effects of climate change.

350NJ & Copyrose.com

INOCHI Safe Energy Project

Restorative Leadership Institute

Idle No More SF Bay & Movement Rights

Idle No More SF Bay - https://www.facebook.com/INMSolidaritySF?fref=ts Movement Rights - www.movementrights.org

United Planet Faith and Science Initiative

The United Planet Faith and Science Initiative brings together renowned leaders in the fields of faith and science to address climate change. www.upfsi.org

The Mothers Project

Today's Fossil Fuels and the Future of Our Children's Health Presenting an educational platform for and by women on the health impacts for children of the continued mining and use of fossil fuels and fossil fuel byproducts; such impacts impairing healthy physical and psychological growth throughout childhood beginning with embryonic development. Calling for legislative action on the use of the "precautionary principal" to move government policy and action urgently toward sustainable energy solutions.

No Planeta B

Dear Women's Earth & Climate Action Network, Our New Campaign is called: Cut The RED Tape Project! A multilateral approach to raising awareness on Climate Change, action commitment to Sustainability and calling on political climate action in Paris through schools, students, parents and their communities. It is our hope to engage schools to sign the Schools Act-On-Climate Declaration , get parent involvement by signing the Parents Act-On-Climate Declaration, and bring an ACT-ON-CLIMATE petition signed by "ALL" to COP21 leaders and Christiana Figueres, UNFCCC Executive Secretary to be presented in Paris at a special COP21 side-event. We did a similar thing here in Lima and it was quite successful but in a much smaller scale (See here). We firmly believe that by joining forces we can reduce the noise and increase the VOICE. We are blessed to count with the Climate Reality Project, the Global Issues Network, Climate Mamma, The Association of American Schools in South America, iMATTER, Moms Clean Air Force, and many other but would love also to count with you, WECAN, as one of our partners for many reasons; the main being, we all want the same thing: a healthy/Clean world and to stop Climate change for our children! I truly believe all of us together we can Act-On-Climate & Cut The RED Tape! I hope we can schedule a call later on to find future collaboration opportunities. In the meantime, please visit our website at : www.CutTheREDTapeProject.org and follow the conversation in social media with this #CutTheREDTape @NoPlanetaB both in twitter & Facebook. Also, please visit, sign and share our petition here: http://j.mp/CUTtheREDTape You can reach me at Yoca@NoPlanetaB.org and I will gladly send you more information. Have a great day! Yoca Executive Director & MOM No Planeta B (No Planet B) www.NoPlanetaB.org

Rainforest Action Network

Rainforest Action Network (RAN) campaigns for the forests, their inhabitants and the natural systems that sustain life by transforming the global marketplace through education, grassroots organizing and non-violent direct action. Recent articles in the NY Times and the UK Guardian have covered RAN's work to convince, Barclay's Bank, PNC Bank and other Wall Street financiers to stop funding mountaintop removal coal mining companies as part of our work to protect the climate. Last September at the UN climate talks in NY, Cargill, after seven years of RAN campaigning, adopted its global zero deforestation policy designed to reduce its impact on rainforests and forest communities around the world that are threatened by expanding commodity production. For more information and to get involved please visit www.RAN.org

Great Old Broads for Wilderness

Great Old Broads for Wilderness (Broads) is a national organization that inspires and engages the activism of elders to preserve and protect wilderness and wild lands. Broads gives voice to millions of older Americans who understand that impacts to our environment today have serious repercussions on tomorrow's generations. Broads has trained an active consortium of 53 grassroots leaders and co-leaders in 36 local chapters (Broadbands), encouraging advocacy and stewardship combined with camaraderie and fun. Our goal is to increase the investment, political clout, and impact of citizens on public land issues affecting their communities. Broads is launching a new climate community organizing project in 2015-2016, hosting workshops in 24 communities to spark activism around fossil fuel extraction, logging of high carbon forests, coal transport, and other assaults on public lands. In conjunction with Naomi Klein and Avi Lewis, and their upcoming documentary film This Changes Everything: Capitalism vs. the Climate, Broads will share powerful stories of successful community organizing to counter the war waged by our economic model against the earth. Through facilitated discussion, communities will identify issues, allies, and commitments to next steps. Broads' organizers will use these events to catalyze a powerful and committed network of climate activists focused on public land concerns.


USCAN’S MISSION USCAN’s mission is to support and strengthen US-based civil society organizations’ influence on the development and implementation of local, national, and international climate policy and action. Founded in 1989, USCAN fosters and facilitates collaborative efforts to share information, coordinate activities, and develop strategies across diverse organizations and constituencies. The network spans an array of perspectives and approaches. USCAN members are united by their common goals to reduce US greenhouse gas emissions, to increase climate resiliency, to inspire the United States’ positive leadership in international forums to secure equitable, effective climate policies, and to support on-the-ground implementation of climate solutions.

Nature's Friends

Nature's Friends trains mission leaders for climate resilience. Our goal is to teach churches how to model sustainability. Our field school, apprenticeships, and the Joseph Project are designed to work together to fashion sustainability hubs across the nation. We are developing a worker owned cooperative to guide this work and would love for you to join us! Field School is a mobile workforce development program which immerses high school students in a food distribution system. Specifically, students learn to grow sunflower seeds sustainability and take them from field to market using a cooperative business model. This is intended to be a mobile educational program serving a training cohort of 10 groups at one time. We invite only 5 members from each of the groups making it a leadership development experience. Teaching modality is service learning activities, small group exercise and simulations. Current focus is completing student workbook for publication. Apprenticeship Program is a leadership initiative for college aged (18-30) young adults. Their mission is to stabilize urban ecosystems with food production and toxic soil repair. Our apprentices receive 400 hours of training to become environmental stewards in underserved communities.Teaching modality is research at the demonstration site, field visits, round table discussions with policy makers and forums with peer environmental fellows from across the country and around the world. Youth leaders who serve and preserve the Earth... "The Joseph Campaign" This is a climate adaptation initiative for churches which combines faith and food systems, habitat and human health with economic empowerment. We launch this campaign with a permaculture tour to Cuba October 2-11, 2015. Upon return participants will organize training events which include energy savings,water security,food sovereignty,conservation landscaping,bio remediation; while they help install a conservation project at the host church. The host church also receives design recommendations for the future.

UU Women's Association (UUWA)

UU Women's Association - Metro NY District We focus on honoring Women's history and issues.. We wish to increase the consciousness of the values which have been associated with the "feminine" - working towardss an egalitarian, peaceful,society, aware of the sacredness of nature and life. (Our next dramatic presentation will be an original play by Laurie James, "Winter Wheat" - The Betrayal of Elizabeth Cady Stanton and her Woman's Bible. Sunday, April 19, 2015, 1:00 pm at Community Church of N.Y.- 40 East 35th St.) Green Sanctuary Committee - Educating our congregations about climate issues and the importance of clean air, water, earth and the health of the natural environment.

Linda Moskalyk

I am an artist focusing on forest conservation and climate change action. http://prairieartist.com https://www.facebook.com/Linda.Moskalyk.Artist?fref=ts

Collectif Sénégalais des Africaines pour la Promotion de l'Education Relative à l'Environnement - COSAPERE

Our program focuses on awareness, information, training of trainers for proper management of the environment, but also advocacy for mainstreaming gender and the consideration of the involvement women in national projects and programs.


National and International voice and focal point for parents on climate change. Our ClimateMama community understands and recognizes that climate change is real, here and now. We realize that we humans are causing our planet to change in ways which are not for the better, and which threaten our future, our planet, and our very existence. We have a unique opportunity at this moment in our human history, to become positive change agents on a planetary scale. This will not happen by itself. We have choices we have to consciously make. Relevant 2015 Projects: WECAN partnership: Raising US Women's Voices on climate change/USA Initiative for Collective Climate Action Interfaith Moral Action on Climate Partnership: Moral March on Climate, September 20th, 2015

WILD-Women Inspired, Let's get it Done

Raising awareness and encouraging actions on behalf of the climate crisis.