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Mother Pelican Journal

Started by: luisgutierrez


Mother Pelican Journal

May I respectfully bring to your attention my modest e-journal on solidarity and sustainability issues (link under my signature), which is focused on sustainability transitions at the intersection with technology and culture.  Gender balance as a crucial factor to foster the transition to sustainability is a key topic.  Comments and submissions aould be welcomed.


Luis T. Gutierrez, PhD, PE
Editor, Mother Pelican Journal of Solidarity and Sustainability

Reasons for working in this topic, project or business:

This is strictly pro-bono work and, for me, also serves as an exercise in pyscho-therapeutic release.

Root causes of the problems in this field and main barriers:

Patriarchy.  Humanity is not the problem.  Religion is not the problem.  Patriarchy is the problem.

What is needed to overcome barriers to implement solutions:

Religious patriarchy is one of the main barriers, and one that is pervasive in all the major world religions.  Fostering access of women to roles of religious authority is key.

Specific needs and/or support requests:

Submitting articles for publication.

Suggested best local solution for this topic:

Gender balance in the family and all human institutions, both secular and religious.





Networking opportunities:

Mother Pelican is strictly non-commercial and has no forum for networking, but I often get feedback from subscribers.


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