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Earth Rights Walking

photo of Dee Kyne

Started by: Earthrightswalker


Earth Rights Walking

Five months ago I started to walk for rights of nature. Earth jurisprudence and a law to End Ecocide www.earthrightswalker.org I quit my job as CEO of a social health business working at a global level. I started this journey to walk and talk firstly across Europe I have now walked 2000 km and covered many more across Spain,Portugal ,Sweden and Finland. In these countries I have spoken to people at conferences hels conversations in Universities and at bus stops in people's homes and places of work. Raising consciousness awareness and signatures. Waking people up to thier very next potential.I share my skills and have found that I have become a glorious match maker introducing people to each other and telling them about the great work that others are doing right now. I was motivated to do this because I understood that the corridors of powere were not very power filled and that the power for change sito in the heart of individuals . I have been hosted and helped and partnered where ever I have travelled. This journey will progress for the next 18 months or so ....evolving as it goes


Reasons for working in this topic, project or business:

I am doing this work for the generations who follow us. I utterly believe and understand that if we plan for the next seven generations we can not go wrong.


Root causes of the problems in this field and main barriers:

The root causes of this problem in my view lie in the commodification of nature- and the profit / scarcity imperitives that drive this way of living in society on earth.

What is needed to overcome barriers to implement solutions:

Effective waking up campaigns.... 

Laws that support the rights of nature..

there needs to be an international will and buy in from world governments but the pressure needs to come from the people hence I say waking up. We need to talk and work with industry. Environmentalists and acti it's need to separate themselves less and also not act in splendid isolation of each other.

its all about connections and information.


Specific needs and/or support requests:

Please support me in protecting the rights of nature and bringing in a law to end ecocide. By hosting talks. Holding conversations.walking alongside me. Becoming an earthrightswalker . I could also do with some web support in spreading the word all hands feet thoughts and hearts welcome.


Suggested best local solution for this topic:

The solutions as I see them in the first instance lie in effective earth jurisprudence. Laws protecting the earth UN declaration of earth rights , law to include ecocide as the fifth law against peace.




i see the long term solutions based in a shift in the way we work make decisions and use money. Women have a huge and impact flu role to play in this.


Networking opportunities:

Yes many networking opportunities are provided - data net working , big data Collection message spreading and more Building the matrix of connection.


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Emilie Falc posted

It is about "right action"! Lovely videos. Inspiring woman. Are you still walking?