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Community's perspective, perception and knowledge in vulnerability assessment

Started by: SaniFato


It is essential to understand local community’s perceptions, perspective, knowledge of climate change because the processes at the local level are crucial since they reflect local concerns and they can influence global-level processes.

Moreover, local community may have the representative interest in developing effective environmental management or policies due to their strong local input. Their perception, knowledge also may create a narrative that can be built upon or critiqued to develop an understanding of the relationship between climate change, place and people. Nevertheless, it cannot replace scientific measurements, but community participation may bring a wider range of knowledge to integrated management.


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Kimbowa Richard posted

As the East African Sustainability Watch (www.easuswatch.org), we have been keen to put citizens at the centre of coping with the solution to counter climate change impacts within the Lake Victoria region. We would be interested to network with interested CSOs