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Real participation of women in the forests

Started by: Hilda Martínez V.


Real participation of women in the forests

Our organization wprks in  Mexico, in a indigenous area, the Sierra Sur of Oaxaxa state, perform actions to generate a regional management program form the restoration, conservation and use ofo naturals resourses.

Our actions are planned to develop of advice, training and information to generate organizational processes taking into account gender considerations and the beneficiaries of all these actions together seek to foster the gradual empowerment of women in the communities of the region, a fist step to undertake changes stereotypes within communities and in forestry is the incorporation of women in the proposal, which they agree to be and are not discriminated against because of their gender un forestry is very important precedent in the area and within the community, plus this is only part of the shares as form the training is to go slowly changing gender stereotypes.

From the training and organization of men and women, to form a network of foresters who can work and take advantage of the forest area is expected to go slowly changing existing stereotypes, changing towards a more just to women, given women acces to participate in projets, community activities where their participation is active, paid, fair and equitable.

Reasons for working in this topic, project or business:

Implementation of a training program for integral management and forestry management through the strategic:

Theoretical and practical training for senior high students to train forest technicians

In this line of work we have trained women and men students, collectors cup, and linkage to upper secondary education bodies working with our organization as well as four participating municipalities.

Development a baseline of the status of forest area and associated ecosystems and the flora and fauna, for a proposed forest management, zoning of areas for forestry, conservation, proposed biological corridor in the region and set up a management programa and included in the REDD+ program.

Training communal authorities, munipalities, land owners and forest conservation

Improve the gender condition of women through installing ecological stoves


Root causes of the problems in this field and main barriers:

In the region the majority of population is engaged in the exploitation of forest for timber extraction and removal of soil (land) for sale; also take place few agricultural activities in the temporal mode form personal consumption, since due to the topographical conditions characterized by the presence of high degrees of steepness of slpe, soil besides the presence of forest soils with low agricultural potencial, has low or no income.

In the forest area has one of the most serious problems, over -exploitation of forest resources extractions coupled earth than can be sopported by the capacity of the ecosystem, ie there is a balance of forestry recovery in the extraction of timber and vegetation cover and soil so there is alredy a strong degree of deforestation, and in some areas, a very high degree of erosion.

There is a widespread problem for both men and women, however in forestry women have been subjected to exclusion and discrimination; there are many factors that affect women participate activaly in cmommunity life and productive one is, the roles and gender stereotypes because of the culture, traditions and customs of the community that foster discrimination agains women, and incresing limitations ti live under situations of isolation, subordination, lack of information; directly affecting their condition and gender position.

At the household level is no different, not only women work double shifts, but sometimes three or four jobsm and they must perform household activities, childcare, cllecting firewood, making tortillas and often activities in finding financial resourses to supplemente the salary of the husband or keep entirely to the children and the husband migrated.

Besides this, there are obstacucles such as lack of resourses to carry out the proposed activities, as there no goverment funds for working lines such actions and only limited promote actions in whichs women are not actual participants in activities. 

What is needed to overcome barriers to implement solutions:

The government sector in the environmental area that performs the strategic as well as defining the budget each year in our country, limit the actions of women to "programs or funds labeled".

Likewise there is no access to government funds for actions in which women can work in typically male jobs or areas, such as foresters, funds are restricted, women can not have access to these as they are usually disseminated through intenet portals, with tough rules and guidelines, in which women can not access.

In the case of spaces to train men and women at the technical level forest there is only one area, which has a very low budget; for such actions, or reforestation, restoration, the programs have not been successful, as Proarbol program, is that every year, millions of plants and plant mortality of these is very high, however there is no possibility to access funds for the establishment of community tree nurseries, helping to prevent excessive mortality of trees reforestation.

In the country, programs, funds and shares where women can access are limited, as many are related to access to land tenure, which in the country, most belong to man, the eldest son and not women, so that share tenancy, security help women and access to earmarked funds through land tenure.

Suggested best local solution for this topic:

We would like you to share experiences in this field and how they have addressed the issue

Networking opportunities:

Yes, it is intended to form cooperatives for the use seeds, both for production and for sale.


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