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Get global recognition and funding for your climate adaptation solutions

Started by: KVelasco


Solution Search: Adapting to a Changing Climate, is an innovative contest sponsored by Rare and The Nature Conservancy that seeks local solutions for how communities are adapting to their changing environments. Contest winners will receive US $20,000 to support their conservation and resource management initiative; two runner-ups will receive project grants of US $5,000 each. In addition to the grand prize, the Global Island Partnership is offering an Island Bright Spot Award, specific for island nations. The Barr Foundation is also offering a prize of US $10,000  to an India-specific winner and to an East Africa-specific winner. Furthermore, a nomination prize of US $1,000 will be given to an organization that nominates a winning entry. www.solutionsearch.org/node/17

Specific needs and/or support requests:

Solution Search aims to identify and replicate what's already working in conservation and development challenges. I'm hoping that people on this forum will have solutions they can enter so that they receive international recognition and others around the world can learn from what we find.

Networking opportunities:

Yes - winners will come to DC for a strategic growth and networking event. All people who participate in the contest 


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reetu sogani posted

This is a good initiative and I think we need to add "mitigation" strategies also to it because local communities are adopting methods -in agriculture,forestry and other sectors, through their integrated approach , and these are proving quite effective (as proved through various studies) in carbon sequestration . I will be using this space to share such strategies in future.

Annastacia Nzau posted

I am interested in participating in the above named event. Please let me know your expectations from the participants, whether to give a project concept of our activities or what.