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Communicating Climate Change

Started by: SarahDavidson635


Communicating Climate Change

My passion and focus is on developing a more positive narrative around climate issues and the multitude of solutions before us.

Reasons for working in this topic, project or business:

Because we don't have a choice! The weather is becoming more intense and less predictable all over the world, we're losing various species that are unable to withstand these new climate patters every minute of every day, and the world will be a terrible place to live for the majority of human beings if we don't act quickly and decisively. 

Root causes of the problems in this field and main barriers:

People have been examining our changing climate for such a long time that they've become firmly set in their ways. Everyone already knows who to blame and who the enemies are. This prevents any sort of innovative, large-scale, holistic type of solutions to even be conceptualized, and presents a severe challenge in terms of making these solutions become reality. 

What is needed to overcome barriers to implement solutions:

We need more initiatives like the Global Women's Earth & Climate Action Movement, to be honest! Women are going to play a significant, leading and defining role in adapting to our new climate realities and in developing solutions going forward. Young people will also play a huge role in this movement and bringing them - and women - together to identify the issues at hand, to develop concrete, feasible solutions for the future, and to devise plans for holding one another accountable in order to achieve those solutions, will be essential for the success of our initiatives going forward.

Suggested best local solution for this topic:

A few examples of local solutions are things like the New Amsterdam Market in New York City (www.newamsterdammarket.org/). Born and Raised Detroit (http://bornandraiseddetroit.org/ - not specifically related to climate change, necessarily, but a youth-driven initiative serving as a solution rather than creating problems), The S.S. Columbia Project (http://sscolumbia.org/) and Hudson Rising, both working to revitalize a way of living that we've lost today.


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Tamela Fish posted

Agreeing upon terms and engaging a frank discussion is the key to our future. I like your focus on a positive narrative. Maintaining hope statistically increases success rates. The New Amsterdam Market is interesting in their urge for the land use to also a "commons". Indeed that is fish market history.

Kimbowa Richard posted

In East Africa, communicating climate change is hampered by lack of information on the effects and potential options (some of which are available in the region). This is partly due to technical language used as well as lack of adequate translation into local ones. Media appreciation of climate change as a development issue through growing is also a challenge - many still think it is an environmental challenge.