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Ending the Era of Ecocide - mass damage and destruction to the Earth

Started by: Nina_Earth_Lawyer

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Eradicating Ecocide


Ending the Era of Ecocide - mass damage and destruction to the Earth

We are lawyers and advocates working to end the era of mass damage and destruction to the Earth, both in recognition of the Earth and non-human's inherent rights to exist and the sacredness of all life, and in acknowledgement of the fact that we are jeopardising peace and life on Earth for future generations.

We are working to spread awareness about a crime called Ecocide - the killing of the environment - which was due to have been the 5th Crime Against Peace, alongside genocide, war crimes, crimes against humanity and acts of aggression.

Suggested best global solution for this topic:

We are running WISH20 - a global petition and map - for people to state/map their support for a law of ecocide at the UN. This is to mandate our public leaders to speak up about a law of ecocide. The Rome Statute has 121 parties signed up to it. In order to trigger a review of this treaty, a Head of State (which is a party to the Rome Statute) needs to call for this amendment to be made to the treaty - this triggers a review at which 2/3rds of the signatories need to agree for the amendment to be made law - 80/81 people (Heads of State!). 

A sister organisation - End Ecocide in Europe - launched an ECI on 22nd January 2013. This is a European Citizens' Initiative for an EU-wide directive outlawing Ecocide in Europe; creating the world's first ecocide-free zone. This means no EU money could be invested (either directly or indirectly via pension funds etc) in companies that cause ecocide, no EU citizen could work for a company that practiced ecocide, no company that practiced ecocide could be registered within the EU and companies/countries that want to sell to the EU can only sell products that have not caused ecocide.

We need people to sign up to both WISH20 and the ECI and if you know any heads of state, please do get them involved as well!


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