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Living with Enough and Enhancing the Capacity of Our One Earth.

Started by: clarryfye


Living with Enough and Enhancing the  Capacity of Our One Earth.

The topic is about Humans being able to live within the Means and Balance of One Earth.

Reasons for working in this topic, project or business:

Because it is a Meaningful Mission!

Plus it is restoring the Natural Wildlife and Vegetation!

  Also helps the Evolution of Country,using the Natural Advantages and helps with personal satisfaction.

Root causes of the problems in this field and main barriers:

The world has a Consumption Problem which is Using up the Earth's Resources.

A pollution,waste,rubbish,a housing problem of unsatisfactory fuctional and durable design.

Has a water and aggregate crisis,climate change and Human living in Harmony with Nature problem.

Too many people occupying Mega Cities,all the Earth needs to be actvated not just selected parts.

What is needed to overcome barriers to implement solutions:

Re education to what is really needed to that which is just wanted and wasted

Taking that first step away from Civilized Wilful Manipulation and Indoctrination.

  Self Actualization is urgently needed with each knowing the circumstances and the means,taking responsibility and the accountability of One's Sovereign Choices and Actions.

Specific needs and/or support requests:

I have had many years away from the Human Organized System learning what Natures Needs are and what is required for other Humans to also know.

  I would like to be able to pass on the knowledge that has been gifted upon me with gratitude,so other people can learn for themselves,what the real needs of Earth,All Life and Humans really need,so there is well being and satisfactory progression of all!

Suggested best local solution for this topic:

Virtually most of Humans have a education problem of what is needed  to live in Balance with Nature and the Planet.Over consumption of Earth's Resources,To much emphasis upon money,not enough of love for what brings life to needed areas.

Networking opportunities:

Life is an ongoing process,with changing circumstances to be addressed infinitely.

  So full engagement and opportunity will continually happen,there is so much that is essential that is always needing to be done then there is that is only viable to do.

   Which means an Ethical Equality Balance will always be required,so opportunity will alwaysbe there to any that behold the opportunity.


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