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MOSCHBERG - Pictures from the Future

Started by: ASRA


MOSCHBERG - Pictures from the Future

MOSCHBERG - before and after. The inhabitants have changed their town into a living and pleasant place to live. The realistic drawings and gripping story of MOSCHBERG, my graphic novel, show how it looks like and how it feels to live in a transition town. You learn about many things you can do and how beautiful and full of life it is. With Leo and Mona you experience in a small country town in Germany, what is fun about ecologic change, but also, what are the difficult parts - and how it can succeed when minds and societies change. (German book)


Reasons for working in this topic, project or business:

Many people are interested in ecological change - many more could be. Understand how it works. Learn that it`s not easy - but possible and realistic. That EVERYBODY can do something. I wish that many can imagine living in a transition town and feel like doing something themselves. For themselves, for life and for the generations to come.


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