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Kinship With All Life

photo of Elizabeth Armstrong, PhD

Started by: DrNature


Kinship With All Life

The major issue that faces humanity is the disconnect between humans and the remainder of the biodiversity on the Earth.  Humans resonate to other humans due to the familiarity with behavior, communication venues, and appearances. 

In reality, many humans communicate with wildlife blindly.  Realizing that all life originates from the same evolutionary tree, carry the exact DNA chemical make-up and replication process, and reproduce and nurture young aligns humans as kinship with the wild.

Creating family relationships that include nurturing and supporting the great diversity of life is the solution to restore a sustainable world.  Natural products and services have been equated to be $33 trillion annually, worldwide.  Incorporating this value into businesses and home management may be needed to address the human behaviors and mind-set that are dominated by the financial infrastructure.

Embracing the opportunity to expand our loving relationships with all life strengthens the high vibrational energy aligned with peace and joy.  


Reasons for working in this topic, project or business:

Human health and well-being are documented to be enhanced and strengthened by natural systems.  As an intuitive, I have always resonated closely with wildlife.  My passion for natural systems are innate to my being as each breath fuels my life. 

Author of Align With the Wild bringing to light human lifestyles that have been dictated by the Industrial Revolution. The result is Climate Change that is threatening life on our planet. 

I teach Environmental Sciences at a University level.  In addition, I blog, social media market, and use my voice to share my knowledge.  It is my goal to build and manage Jazzy Eco Sustainable Community that will be congruent with the completed business plan.  I work each day to raise awareness and offer coaching programs.  www.jazzyeco.com

Root causes of the problems in this field and main barriers:

The world is facing a mass extinction.  Our financial system and social unrest is destroying our planet.  The root cause is placing human needs over the needs of the rest of the world's biodiversity. 

The US and other economies are based on flow through harvesting, manufacturing, marketing and waste production. 

What is needed to overcome barriers to implement solutions:

In the past, environmentalist were considered to be terrorists.  Due to this my life is extremely challenging.  I may not get emails, phone calls, appropriate responses to online social media sites, and must deal with stalking and harassing activities.  My life significantly changed as a result of 911 bombing.  It has taken many years for me to achieve where I am today, yet there are still many closed and simple minds that align with past administrations.  I have been driven to homelessness and my degree issuing University refused to send my entire transcript to University where I am employed.  Ultimately I had to contact the Chancellor of the college and the entire transcript was sent within a day, electronically.

I recognize the power of remaining positive and remove myself from the victim mentality.  I am sure many of you can relate to this position.  

I have a need for exposure for who I am.  This will allow me to gain meaningful clients and secure speaking engagements so I may educate the masses.  I have designed courses and taught up to 200 students in a classroom at a University.  I am a powerhouse and may accomplish miracles once released from my oppressive environment. 

Specific needs and/or support requests:

My specific needs it to become involved with supportive community that recognizes the urgency of the challenges facing our World.  My goal is to move with compassion, integrity, and love to restore the feminine aspect to our society and world.

Suggested best local solution for this topic:

One grand solution is to incorporated green space into man-made, urban ecosystems.  Educating people to grow their own food in kitchen windows, patios, and yards are necessary to prevent starvation.  China created the one-child policy as a result of climate change reducing their agricultural output by 70%.  The country watched millions of their people starve.  The green space must include food for wildlife to thrive.

Another solution is to create habitats for the wild.  Many activities are occurring, yet it is urgent that we move rapidly to prevent a total collapse of life on our planet.

Developing a circuling business infrastructure that includes recycling, reducing, and reusing is imperative.  In addition, including natural and human capital into the physical capitalistic infrastructure will provide a balanced economy.

My blog provides a wealth of information: http://naturemystic.wordpress.com/2014/06/12/environmental-interactions-improves-your-physical-well-being/

Networking opportunities:

Yes, daily I interact with Social Media; such as twitter, pinterest, facebook, thrive network, shift network, linkedin, and others.  I also have 55 people on my growing email list.  Yes, I have developed many strategies to out reach to my community.


Thank you for your time.



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