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Rural Women

photo of Botnaru Petru

Started by: Leu


Rural Women

The forestation of the 4.65 ha area is to begin in 2014-2015.                                                 Objectives: 1. Preparation of the village citizenry, over 5,000 people, to make  decisions related to  environmental problems by involving them in volunteer activities such as the installation of a metallic fence surrounding the square as well as setting up an information panel, dustbins, benches, sidewalks and lamps throughout the plot; 2. Providing knowledge about Vorniceni village by distributing  the "Adevarul" publication ("The Truth"); 3. Posting short videos on YouTube; and 4.  Holding international conferences with Romanian and Ukrainian partners, for example, to promote similar activities.    

Reasons for working in this topic, project or business:

The problem of the protection and sustainable development of forests is inseparable from the problem of country's public health. The forest policy should be focused on the conservation of biodiversity at all levels, on education of forestry specialists, on harmonizing the legal framework, and on international cooperation in the field.                                                                                                                              The forestation of the above mentioned land area is a part of the Social-Economic Development Strategy of Vorniceni village for the following 20 years.

 The whole community of more than 5,000 citizens may be involved in the project implementation activities.                                                                                     

The forestation of an area of 4.65 hectares will constitute our response to the Global Warming phenomenon.                                                                                                                         The arrangement of the square will become a model of ecological education for the population. The students from the local high-school situated in the neighborhood of the land plot will be able to have different types of outdoor lessons in the square.                                                                         The square will be a place where people will rest and spend their leisure time.

Root causes of the problems in this field and main barriers:

Forests provide a lot of diverse benefits to societies. Besides the fact that wood processing and forest products provide significant contributions to the development of national economies, forests play a major role in maintaining the natural ecological balance. They contribute to creating a microclimate that reduces the effects of environmentally harmful factors.  The importance of forests is evident for a further stabilization of groundwater and maintenance of water resources, for the balance of carbon dioxide, nitrogen and phosphorus in the atmosphere, and for the provision of fresh oxygen.

The capacity of Moldova’s forests to absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere is about 2,230,000 tons per year. Forests substantially contribute to reducing soil erosion and landslides. The protective role of the forests is of vital importance for Moldova because of substantial alternating temperatures that occur, frequent droughts and shortage of water, lands ‘propensity to slides and a decrease in soil fertility up to 40-50% due to the erosion processes. 

What is needed to overcome barriers to implement solutions:

The distribution of "Adevarul" publication will provide knowledge about all the activities for the square arrangement. A partnership will be established with local public administration, 'Secolul 21"("The 21'st Century") NGO-s, the Alliance of Moldovan Rural NGO-s and other nonprofit organizations.                                                                                                                          Short films will be prepared and posted on YouTube that will ensure the transparency of the project. The members of the National Network of Volunteer Centers formed by "Terra 1530" will play the main roles.  Before the beginning of the forestation work , set to begin in November 2013, all the necessary recommendations will be obtained from all our international experts included in the list of "Terra 1530" Association along with the representatives of the Academy of Science of the Republic of Moldova.                                                                              

Specific needs and/or support requests:

A beautifully arranged square; financial and forestry audit; solution of a prior problem of the Socio-Economic Development Strategy of Vorniceni village; a model for ecological education and a best practice. The arrangement of the square will be the first step in the preparation of a Local Plan of Environmental Development.

On December 14, 2012, the Vorniceni Village Council approved a decision(nr. 8/16) concerning changing the destination of a land area for the purpose of arranging of a square, this constituting  one of the objectives of the Socio-Economic Development Strategy of Vorniceni village. Part of this land was planted with trees some 40 years ago but there has been a lack of   appropriate care which is reflected in the deplorable condition they are currently in. Moreover, the design is far from being a modern one…  

Suggested best local solution for this topic:

First, partners such as representatives from the Ministry of Environment of the Republic of Moldova, Academy of Science of Republic of Moldova, Institute of Forest Researches and Arrangements, and State Ecological Inspection will be invited. Secondly, an authorization for the arrangement work will be obtained from the Environmental Commission of Experts that will permit the work consistent with existing legal requirements.                                                                                                                                Further, a metallic fence will be built without which the arrangement of the square would be impossible as some people use the plot as grazing grounds for their animals or even for passing through with cars and other transportation.  At the same time, an information board will be installed to provide knowledge about donors, organizations and volunteers that willparticipate in the forestation and arrangement work. The entire effort will be coordinated with experts in forestry on national and international levels.

Networking opportunities:

1. The Decision of the Village Council to plant trees on the respective public plot was taken due to the mutual initiative of the local civil society and the "Terra 1530"NGO.  From the very start more partners were committed to finding a solution for a community problem of global importance. It is an opportunity for more than 5000 inhabitants of Vorniceni village to participate in the project implementation particularly those working abroad that may contribute financially. 2. There are more and more discussions about ecological education in Moldova today but there is a stringent lack of a real model. The respective square, arranged in Vorniceni with the participation of international experts, may become such a model. It may become a best practice for local public administration, because it is for the first time in the history of the village when all the people will have the opportunity to be involved in an activity.  3. As the village high-school is located in the neighborhood of the plot it will make possible to have outdoor lessons in the square, especially biology and other outdoor activities.    4. Short videos will be posted on YouTube for the purpose of showing the activities that will take place in the square. 5. The continuity of the project is guaranteed because according to our experts at least 5-8 years are necessary for the completion of the square arrangement work.


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Linda Moskalyk posted

I think this is a wonderful project and I believe that forests are our future for the education and mitigation of climate change. I helped initiate an educational tree planting program through schools in Saskatoon Canada. We were amazed at the enthusiasm of the students and the respect that they gained for their environment. Participation by your community will help gain the momentum you need to carry out the project and to be leaders against climate change.

Linda Moskalyk

Working Group