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Tatyana Novikova

City/Country: Belarus


Tatyana Novikova Tatyana Novikova

Climate change is one of the most important global environmental problems. Nuclear contamination as result of the accidents, of spills at the storages of the spent fuel, as well as uranium extraction – is the same. The both are manmade and affect the Earth, endangering life itself.

Nuclear industry does not know yet how to clean up all its spills and the consequences of radioactive accidents, Chernobyl, Fukushima, Kombinat Mayak… But at the same time it tries to expand its business, building a new NPPs worldwide, using the old ideas and experimental technologies. They tell us that the increase in the water content of tritium and radiocarbon in the atmosphere, it is quite common, and background cesium and strontium - the result of nuclear tests, which must be just accepted as is. They convince us that nukes do not affect the climate and a new NPPs are safe and effective. But it is not true.

Nuclear industry does not like telling true at all – we know that because of Chernobyl and Fukushima. Nuclear industry does not like to obey the law, considering itself exceptional, like in the times of the Cold War, and sometimes they persecute those who disagree.

We see it in Belarus – mass violations of the national and international legislation, construction started without project documentation and even license, the arrests and expelling of activists, and contempt of decisions of the Meetings of the Parties of Aarhus and Espoo UNECE conventions regarding Belarus Nuclear Power Plant construction. We see the Belarus government continuing NPP construction with European partner’s help, who turn a blind eye to all of these violations. We see that Rosatom feels quite good in the USA, buying uranium mines, extracting uranium, polluting the beautiful lands, and selling American NPPs the fuel. This deadly business must be stopped.