Women's Earth & Climate Action Network, International
The Women's Earth & Climate Action Network is a solutions-based, multi-faceted effort established to engage women worldwide to take action as powerful stakeholders in climate change and sustainability solutions. For Our Earth and Future Generations A project of Women's Earth and Climate Caucus and its partner eraGlobal Alliance

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Petra Godfrey

Organization: 1 Million Women
City/Country: Australia


Petra Godfrey

Meeting in the park of Scotland Island, on the same day as the global action, to show solidarity, without expending the fuel necessary to reach the rally. We are all three mothers and grandmothers, and the two boys are sons and grandsons. None of us want to see them inherit a degraded world. We might be the smallest meeting of the day, but we represent approx 1% of the island population - if 1% of the world turned out, it would be a huge demonstration!