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Ayat Salah

Organization: Dubai Municipality
City/Country: Dubai –UAE


Ayat Salah Ayat Salah

The waste management department In Dubai Municipality- Dubai –UAE, stands with WECAN , and fully supports its role as guardians of the Earth and advocates for the rights of our communities and nature. The waste management department In Dubai Municipality has taken many actions to abate the risks of climate change in the regional level , as it plays a key role in the regional leadership to achieve the UAE vision 2021 and Green Economy for sustainable development headed by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum , that aims towards establishing the country as the best Living environment globally. It participates in the Carbon Abatement Strategy of Dubai by managing and controlling the emissions come from waste , improve abetment measures and hence contribute to Dubai’s vision of low‐carbon economy and sustainable development. The waste management department In Dubai Municipality has initiated a huge project to extract and flare the Methane gas from one of Dubai’s landfills called Al Qusais Landfill, in order to ensure the complete reduction of methane emissions produced with the landfill gas as well as preventing the escape of volatile organic compounds (VOC) from the gas and hence contribute in the mitigation of global warming phenomena The project safely disposed off the flammable constituents (particularly methane) , greatly controlled the odour nuisance, health risks and adverse environmental impacts, and improved the air quality in and around the landfill site. The Introduction of managed landfill mechanism prevented the incidences of fire and explosions which are common in unmanaged landfill site, as it reached almost zero fire incidents in 2013.