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Natalia Greene

Organization: Women's Mobilzation for Yasuní
City/Country: Equador


Natalia Greene Natalia Greene Natalia Greene

Women from all over the country of Ecuador are gathering in solidarity with women from the Amazon to protect our rainforest, threat by the decision to drill for oil in the most biodiverse place in the world, the Yasuní National Park. The government decided to give up on the Initiative to leave oil underground and now the people of Ecuador, especially young people and women are engaged in a signature campaign, with Yasunidos. The goal: collect more than 600,000 signatures to call a National Referendum to vote for life, for nature, for water for all the brave women living in Yasuní. Women together, supporting Ecuador become the first country to recognize and guarantee Rights of Nature. Picture: Waorani women, afro women and mestizo women together, signing for Yasuní in Plaza de San Francisco, Quito.