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Neha Misra

Organization: Solar Sister
City/Country: USA/Africa


Neha Misra Neha Misra Neha Misra

Solar Sister Tanzania is working in close partnership with the African Wildlife Foundation (AWF) to connect the dots between conservation, livelihoods and clean energy access. The partnership is rooted in the shared philosophy that Africans must be stewards of Africa, and that empowering women and creating livelihood opportunities is absolutely critical for building truly sustainable communities. Only 14% of the total population in Tanzania has access to electricity at present. In rural areas, which form 74% of total population, electricity access is only 2%. Wood fuel provides over 90% of the national energy supply, thereby putting tremendous pressure on the countries natural resources. Solar Sister is working together to address this massive energy poverty in the country through the first of its kind women driven clean energy access network. Since its launch in early 2013, over 83 Solar Sister entrepreneurs in Tanzania have brought light, hope and opportunity to over 12000 people in their communities. Solar Sister is continuing to build on the enterprise and enthusiasm of Tanzanian women to multiply its effect in the country.


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