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Victoria Vorosciuc

City/Country: Moldova


Victoria Vorosciuc

Climate change - effects on Moldova Women - We can live in a healthy environment Today I am back to my roots, back in my lovely country, back in my forgotten community. I've spent my first 20 years here. I am a woman. Alone, I can change nothing. After the collapse of USSR, the whole infrastructure stopped its functionality, and for more than 20 years we are feeling the crisis of unfinished environmental projects. We are going backwards. The water pipes are rotten. The outdoor toilets are placed near gardens where food is cultivated. Therefore, the health and sanitation issues are showing their effects on people. Many have no sewerage systems. Preventive medicine is a luxury. Today, every corner of the street in the rural area is a filled with garbage. Children in schools used to clean twice a year the town, the river banks, parks and green areas. This idea is not supported by school administration anymore. Eastern European country, that due to corrupt Government cannot even think close about Climate Change. The mass migration and economic crisis has created a lack of interest in climate change issues. Along with that, it creates a lot of complains and and a lack of solutions. The change of temperatures are affecting the agriculture. Note, Moldova’s main atu is the Agriculture, so far known as the main way our country survives nowadays. 20 years ago, it was a norm in our communities to use traditional energy resources. In 2000, we got natural gas pipes everywhere, now these are expensive. Due to the high demands of Gas price, cold winters and political pressure, low economy and corruption, people cannot cover winter expenses for heating. During winter it is impossible to cover the household expenses with the salary one has. Therefore, many rural women leave their households, leave abroad to earn their living for the winter. The other part often chooses to use traditional energy sources. They spend mostly electricity and water all their household activities on lighting the houses, cooking, housewarming, washing, cleaning, taking care of their personal hygiene, taking care of children, sick relatives and elderly. Through years of hard work and care, that is specific for women, women of Moldova have gained considerable knowledge about energy resources, including the methods for energy location, maximum exploitation, quality and storage. Women are not just victims of climate change and environmental degradation. They also possess knowledge and skills that are critical in identifying local solutions to environmental problems. Experience shows that the mobility of households and communities depends largely on the mobility of women. For Moldova, the Women's Climate Declaration is an important step to implement. We hope that the upcoming conference will bring more visibility in such a joint effort. Good luck! P.S. Photo captures a blind woman in her 80's not prepared for the yet to come cold winter.