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Mayah Cueva Franco

Organization: www.lasanta.com.ec
City/Country: Ecuador


Mayah Cueva Franco Mayah Cueva Franco Mayah Cueva Franco

Uyay Minga is a community tourism project which offers Llanchama community in Ecuador, located on the bank of river Tiputini within the Yasuni National Park, access resources not from oil exploitation, but rather community tourism as a sustainable alternative for the care of their rights, knowledge and culture, and the preservation of its natural environment, becoming an example that can be replicated in neighboring communities. Our visitors have the opportunity to live a unique cultural, social and spiritual experience. A volunteer experience and learning, in which each participant may be satisfied to contribute their resources for the sustainable economic development of the community, while learning firsthand how to live and feel of the inhabitants of the heart of the forest, and while participates in the daily activities of the community. Within the community the learning process is carried out under a model of organic education school calls "Jungle Wisdom", a space to learn through knowledge and ancestral wisdom techniques and alternative forms of existence, with simple practices, importance of preserving the forest, and coexistence with all life forms. Practices that have allowed ancestrally balance, based on a direct relationship they have with the spirits that inhabit it. One way to confront the dominant development model in which Westerners are immersed. The last activity carried out within the community, was the ART residence UYAY / in which 10 national and international artists, from different disciplines participated for experimental audiovisual and sound research that could serve to disseminate the wealth of this area and the importance of conservation.